About us

Our Story

We are a group of professionals with diverse backgrounds and interests who found a common cause to work together. We believe in doing things and doing them right. The team is based out of New Delhi and is excited at the opportunities that the future holds.

The Issue We Are Addressing

Career Path decisions for Class 9-12 students and their parents is a high anxiety causing topic which is compounded by poor awareness, information noise, and time constraints.


To enable each student to make informed career path decisions.


To be the leading provider of high quality information, advice, and tools to our customers that will enable their end-users make informed and better career path decisions.

How does OPASIS help?

OPASIS is a cloud based platform that addresses these issues by offering a variety of services to schools and corporates. To schools OPASIS is offered as a Career Support Program while to corporates it is offered as an Employee Wellness Program.

OPASIS is a very effective tool for independent career counsellors to accelerate their digital presence and grow with minimal investments and also for NGOs involved in education sector as an impact creating program.

Scope of offerings

  • Cloud based platform An advanced login based website that allows students to discover hundreds of careers, career paths, entrance exams, college details, admission updates and insightful blogs
  • Career Assessments We offer industry standard psychometric assessments to help identify strengths, skills, aptitudes and intelligences. OPASIS assessments evaluates students on multiple parameters to create a 360 degree personality map which becomes the foundation to help make the right choices.
  • Career Counselling OPASIS offers face-to-face career counselling and advisory services for students in New Delhi. We help Class 9 & 10 students successfully address their dilemmas related to stream selection. We guide and advice Class 11 & 12 students with their college options and preferences based on their inherent strengths. For students outside Delhi, we offer effective career counselling via Skype.
  • Webinars and Workshops OPASIS workshops are extremely effective in corporate settings and schools alike. The on-premise workshops in companies are targeted at addressing the parental anxiety related to their children's career path decisions. At schools, we conduct workshops for students and parents in order to sensitize them to common myths and issues related to career path planning. We conduct webinars on various topics related to Career Guidance which can be attended by subscribers remotely.