High-impact Employee Wellness initiative

A unique solution addressing Employee anxiety related to ‘After School Worries’ of their children

OPASIS helps Corporate HR teams to address the increasing employee anxiety topic concerning their children's career-path choices.

Left unaddressed, the anxiety is known to impact employee's workplace performance.

Solution Components

  • OPASIS Cloud based platform
  • Career-Path Webinar Series
  • Counseling & Assessments
  • Personalized Guidance
  • Secure individual Login ID based access to full content on OPASIS
  • Discover Pan-India opportunities across 13 streams - Engineering, Medical, Biotechnology, Design, Commerce & Business, Hotel Management, Sports & Defence, Journalism & Mass-communication, Maths & Science, Social Sciences, Creative & Literary, Law, Nursing
  • Careers library: Overview, Scope, Key Skills, Academic Requirements, Downsides
  • 350+ Entrance Exams (Summary, Eligibility, Test Pattern, Key Dates, Test Centres, Clashing Exams)
  • Information on various Scholarships, Competitions & Olympiads
  • Powerful search filters
  • News, Updates and Insightful Blogs
  • Auto email & SMS alerts on key announcements
  • Two kinds of Webinars are offered - Guidance Webinars & Deep-dive Webinars
  • Guidance Webinars offer insights and advice related to common issues like College vs Course dilemma, Evolving Future ready programs, Identifying interests etc.
  • Deep-dive Webinars are focused sessions on course-wise details sessions of courses like BBA, B.Com, BAJMC, Hospitality & Tourism, Medical & Allied areas Law, B.Tech, Gaming, Film-making, Design & Fina Arts etc.
  • Discovering one's strengths, interests and aptitudes is as important as discovering admission opportunities
  • OPASIS helps students do this by providing Online Psychometric assessment. This is done using industry standard tools, for Stream Selection (Class 9-10) and Career Suitability (Class 11-12) with detailed 20-page report
  • Also offered is a one-to-one consulting session (face-to-face in Delhi or via Skype across India)
  • Dedicated expert works with the student throughout the duration of the service
  • Assistance in College-Course Selection
  • Multiple one-to-one guidance sessions
  • Ongoing year-round support through emails
OPASIS solution benefits

Why HR Teams love us


Less stressed employee

Through its reliable and structured career related infomration, OPASIS effectively addresses a key concern of employees.


Quick & easy rollout

Being online, OPASIS can be launched in organizations with multi-site operations thereby democratizing benefits.


Solution flexibility

Corporate HR teams can create packages based on needs & budget by choosing among platform access, assessments, webinars, and counseling.


Employee loyalty

The nature of the solution inherently helps strengthen employee loyalty & goodwill towards the efforts of the HR team.


Enables better decision making

Neutral & validated content offered without annoying pop-ups and promotions. Helps parents & their children make better career-path choices.


Data security

OPASIS doesn't have tie-ups with institutions/colleges and hence has no incentive to misuse sensitive data.

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