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NMC Alert On Foreign UG Medical Admissions

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The National Medical Commission (Undergraduate Medical Education Board) India issued a public Advisory/Alert on 8 Aug 2023 for lndian students seeking admission in foreign lnstitutes/Universities for Undergraduate Medical Courses.

The advisory/alert reads as below:

1. National Medical Commission published Foreign Medical Graduate Licentiates (FMGL) Regulations-2021 in the official gazette of lndia vide notification dated 18.11.2021 wherein the terms of duration of the study, medium of instructions, syllabus, clinical training or internship/clerkship etc. are prescribed. These conditions are mandatory for registration to practice allopathy in lndia.

2. lt has been observed that the lnstitutes or Universities abroad are following the curriculum, time frame and training imparted to the students are not in consonance with NMC regulations being followed in lndia. Therefore, all the students who are desirous to obtain the medical qualification from any foreign medical institutions or universities and thereafter practice allopathy in lndia, are hereby advised to ensure that all conditions prescribed in FMGL are fulfilled before taking admission.

3. Any variation in duration, medium of instructions, syllabus, clinical training or internship/clerkship may lead to disqualification in grant of registration in lndia. ln case of disqualification, the sole responsibility shall lie upon the candidate only.


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