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KREA University 2024 Admissions Round 2 Applications Open

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Applications for Round-2 admissions (2024) in Krea University are now open with application deadline of 3 Jan 2024. Krea is a state-private university, located in Sri City, Andhra Pradesh. The university provides 4 Year BA (H) and BSc (H) courses in the arts, science, and humanities domains.

Students have the option of exiting after 3 years with a BA / BSc degree.

Multiple Intake Rounds: Intake at Krea is in 4 rounds.

Selection Criteria: Online assessment + Interview and/or KIC (Krea Immersive Case)

Key Dates For KREA Admissions: Admission in KREA are done in 4 rounds. Currently, applications for Round 2 are open.

Round 2: Application Deadline: 3 Jan 2024

Online assessment: 11 to 13 Jan 2024

PI and/or KIC: 17 to 24 Jan 2024

Round 1: Application Deadline: 15 Nov 2023 (over)

Online assessment: 23 to 25 Nov 2023

PI and/or KIC: 2 to 9 Dec 2023

Clashing entrance exams: Be aware of the overlapping dates of Krea Round 2 with other entrance exams namely LSAT-India (20-21 Jan), UCEED (21 Jan), JEE-Mains (24 Jan – 1 Feb). Caution needs to be exercised while selecting exam date wherever such facility is provided.

Program structure: Each student needs to take a mandatory eleven core and skill courses in the first year. Students will choose a major in their second year. Students will complete required and elective courses towards the chosen major.  They will also be encouraged to choose cognate and/or elective courses in other disciplines.

Majors and Minors

a) Division of Humanities & Social Sciences

Economics (Major)

Business Studies (Minor)

History (Major)

Philosophy (Minor)

Politics (Major)

Social Studies (Major)

Economics & Environmental Studies (Joint Major)

Politics & History (Joint Major)

b) Division of Sciences

Biological Sciences (Major)

Computer Science (Major)

Psychology (Major)

Mathematics (Major)

Chemistry (Major)

Physics (Major)

Environmental Studies (Major)

c) Division of Literature & Arts

Global Arts (Minor)

Literature (Major)

Literature & Arts (Joint Major)

Click HERE to check detailed information about eligibility criteria, courses, test pattern, sample paper, admission rounds, clashing exams etc pertaining to Krea University 2024 admissions.

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