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IIT Madras BS Data Science Applications Last Week

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This is the last week to apply for admission in Jan 2024 batch of Online modular BS/BSc Degree in Data Science & Applications offered by IIT Madras.

This niche Online Degree program, open to students from any subject stream, is aimed at producing graduates who will be employable in a sector that presently has high demand - Data Science and Applications.


1. It is expected that the applicants have studied Mathematics and English in Class 10.

2. Anyone who has passed Class 12 or equivalent can apply irrespective of age or academic background. Those who qualify can join the program immediately.
3. School students who have appeared/passed in their Class 11 final exams (i.e., in Class 12 now) can apply irrespective of their group/stream/board. Those who qualify can join the program after passing Class 12.

Program structure/progression and multiple exit stages: There are FOUR LEVELS in the Online Degree program and to get a BS/BSc Degree in Programming and Data Science from IIT Madras, a learner has to successfully complete all.

Level 1: Foundation Level (8 courses) --> Exit option: Foundational Certificate

Level 2: Diploma Level (courses + 2 projects per diploma) --> Exit option: Diploma in Programming or Diploma in Data Science or Both

Level 3: Degree Level (28 credits after completing both Diplomas) --> Exit with B.Sc in Programming & Data Science
Level 4: B.S. Degree (28 credits after Degree level)
<< BS Level added in 2022

Modes of Entry and Selection process

1. Regular Entry
a. Any candidate, irrespective of the stream are eligible
b. All regular entry applicants must go through the 4-week Qualifier Process to earn admission to the Foundation Level. (More about the qualifier program in the 'Test Pattern' tab)
c. At the end of the 4 weeks, a qualifier exam will be conducted for eligible candidates based on the content covered in the 4 weeks of study

2. JEE-based Entry
a. Candidates qualified to appear for most recent current JEE Advanced can directly join the program in the September or January Term (i.e., no need to go through the Qualifier process)
b. Watch video content on the IITM Online degree portal and submit weekly assignments for the first 4 weeks of the four foundational level courses
c. Appear for the in-person quiz of 4 hours duration conducted at the end of 4 weeks of coursework covering all 4 courses.
d. Register for courses at the Foundation Level based on the quiz scores

Key dates

Last date of application: 14 Jan 2024

Qualifier exam: 25 Feb 2024

Check IIT-Madras-BS-DataScience for complete details about eligibility, modes of entry, qualifier process, exit options/conditions et al.

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