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Demystifying Delhi University Common Seat Allocation System

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University of Delhi shall be granting admissions (for 2022-23 academic session) on the basis of merit list drawn based on the performance in CUET-UG 2022. The seat allocation shall be done online through its recently launched Common Seat Allocation System (CSAS). The key points for this process are produced below:

A. Phases: The Common Seat Allocation System 2022 is divided in Three Phases:
- Phase I: Applying To University Of Delhi (UoD)
- Phase Ii: Filling The Preferences For Programs And Colleges
- Phase Iii: Allocation-Cum-Admission
For admission to UoD, Candidate will have to successfully complete all the Three Phases of CSAS within the stipulated time.

B. Application and seat allocation procedure
Programs offered: The university is offering 79 UG Programs in different colleges. A candidate may choose as many Programs as s(he) wishes.
It is in the interest of the candidate to choose as many programs as he/she wishes to join, provided he/she fulfils the Program-Specific eligibility of the selected programs. Only the Programs selected by the candidate during the Preference-Filling phase will be considered for allocations and upgradations (if any).
Program-College combination: Against the Programs for which the candidate has confirmed the Program-Specific CUET score, he/she must select the 'Program + College Combinations.' The candidate can choose multiple Program + College Combinations.
The candidate must take utmost care while selecting the Program/s and College/s as the order of selection of the Program + College combination will also determine the preference order. The candidate can reorder to prioritize the preference order of Program + College combinations. The submitted preference order will determine the allocation of seat (Refer to Chapter 5 for Allocation Rules).
IMP: If a candidate does NOT submit his/her preferences, the last saved preference order will be locked automatically upon reaching the deadline of the Preference-Filling Phase. These locked preferences will become the basis for allocating seats for all rounds of CSAS-2022.
Merit list for UR candidates: The merit list for the UR category seats will comprise all candidates in order of merit. No one will be excluded from the same. In other words, the merit list for the Unreserved (UR) category will also include SC/ST/OBC-NCL /Minority/EWS candidates, irrespective of category, if they meet the criterion of merit for the UR category.
Acceptance of provisionally allocate seat: Once a seat has been allocated in a particular round, the candidate must 'Accept' the Allocated Seat before the last date/time specified for the given allocation round. The provision for acceptance of a particular Allocated Seat will be valid only for the round in which the seat was allocated to the candidate.
In case a candidate is offered multiple seats in a particular round, s(he) must "Accept" ONE Allocated seat ONLY.
Inactivity/no-action will be taken as non-acceptance to the Allocated Seat. It will be treated as a decline to the provisionally Allocated Seat and the candidate will no longer be able to participate in subsequent rounds of CSAS-2022.
Online approval by college & subsequent steps: Once the candidate "Accept" the provisionally Allocated Seat, the concerned College will check the eligibility and documents uploaded by the candidate. After the College approves, the candidate will have to pay the Admission Fee for the approved seat. The admission process will be treated as complete only after successful payment of the admission fee.
If a candidate fails to pay the admission fee within the stipulated time, it will be considered as a cancellation of the provisionally Allocated Seat. The Allocated Seat shall be forfeited and the candidate will not be considered for any subsequent CSAS-2022 allocation rounds. The candidate will forfeit all the rights of the allocated seat and will not be considered for any subsequent CSAS-2022 allocation rounds.
Subsequent rounds of allocation: All admitted candidates who opt for the "Upgrade" option in a particular round will be considered for respective CSAS-2022 allocation round, subject to the availability of seats.
Candidates who were allocated their first preference in any round will not be considered in subsequent rounds of allocation.
Upgrade & Freeze options: Before the announcement of a round, the University will open an “Upgrade” Window for all admitted candidates.
An admitted candidate can select the 'Upgrade' option. A candidate who opts for 'Upgrade' can also reorder the Program + College Combinations that were higher in preference than the allocated one.
A candidate who has taken admission on an Allocated Seat and desires to continue with it should submit a 'Freeze' request through his/her dashboard. On selecting 'Freeze', such a candidate will never be allowed to opt for "Upgradation."
If an admitted candidate neither opts for upgradation nor opts for Freeze, and remains inactive for a round, the admission taken by him/her will be retained and he/she will not be considered for upgradation.
Tie breaking rules: In the event of a tie, where two or more candidates have the same CUET(UG) - 2022 merit score for a Program + College Combination, the following rules will be applied in the stated order to break the tie:
i. The candidate with a higher percentage of aggregate marks in the Best 3 subjects of Class XII will be given preference.
ii. The candidate with a higher percentage of aggregate marks in the Best 4 subjects of Class XII will be given preference.
iii. The candidates with a higher percentage of aggregate marks in the Best 5 subjects of Class XII will be given preference.
iv. Age of the candidate; preference will be given to the candidate having an earlier date of birth (as mentioned in the Class X certificate).

C. General application guidelines
No offline form: There will be no offline filling of the CSAS-2022 Application Form.
CUET-UG Application number required: CUET(UG) – 2022 Application Number will be mandatory for applying to CSAS-2022. Name, signature, and photograph of the candidate will be auto-integrated from the CUET(UG) – 2022 portal. These fields will be non-editable.
Class 12 board: Candidate must have passed Class XII or its equivalent from a single recognized board.
CUET-UG subjects: Candidate must have appeared in CUET(UG) – 2022 in only those subjects in which s(he) has passed Class XII.
Program specific eligibility & test papers: The candidate is advised to check whether he/she satisfies all eligibility criteria for the Program(s) for which he/she is applying and has appeared in CUET(UG) - 2022 in the relevant Subjects/Test papers fulfilling the Program-Specific eligibility published in the UG BOI-2022
ECA/Sports quota: A candidate applying for ECA and/or Sports supernumerary quota will have to pay an additional fee of Rs. 100.00 (Rupees Hundred only) for each quota.
Admission through the ECA Supernumerary Quota for the academic year 2022-23 will be done in 14 ECA Categories. Candidates desirous of seeking admission on the basis of the ECA Supernumerary Quota can apply for a maximum of three ECA categories.
Candidates desirous of seeking admission on the basis of Sports Supernumerary Quota can apply for a maximum of three Games/Sports.
No change allowed in PwBD category: Candidate who had opted for PwBD category in CUET(UG) 2022 will not be allowed to change his/her category in CSAS 2022 as s(he) would have availed PwBD benefits (such as compensatory time, and provision of scribe) during CUET (UG)-2022 examination.
How to fill theory and practical marks: Separately fill the marks obtained and maximum marks for Theory, Practical marks, as per Class XII mark sheet. If the Theory/Practical breakup is not specified for a paper, enter the marks in the 'Theory' field for that paper and enter “0” in the maximum marks and marks obtained fields of Practical.
Sessional/ Internal Assessment may be added under Practical section.
Documents upload: The candidate must upload the required relevant documents in the prescribed format as per Annexure IV.
Application preview: The candidate will not be able to preview the CSAS-2022 Application form, pay the fee or submit the application without uploading the mandatory documents.
No editing allowed after submission: No change/edit/modification will be allowed once the application form is successfully submitted.

D. Mid entry: Candidates who failed to apply for CSAS-2022 within the stipulated time and are desirous of participating in CSAS-2022 can participate through the Mid-Entry window (whenever University announces it), by paying a Mid-Entry fee of Rs. 1000.00 (non-refundable).
A candidate who makes a Mid-Entry may be considered for allocation only after all the candidates who had applied earlier and have the merit score/s higher than the lowest declared score have been given allocated.
A candidate who applies to CSAS-2022 mid-way will not hold any right to claim the seats allocated to candidates who had applied to CSAS-2022 during the initial Application Phase. Allocation of seats to such candidates may be considered for subsequent rounds (if any), subject to fulfilment of eligibility criteria, availability of seats, and other CSAS-2022 rules.

E. SPOT round: After the completion of regular CSAS-2022 rounds, if seats remain vacant, UoD may announce Spot round/s of admission.
Candidates who applied for CSAS-2022 but were not admitted to any College on the date of declaration of the Spot Admission round can participate in Spot Admissions.
On the announcement of Spot Admission, the admission of all already candidates will be locked and they will not be considered for upgrades. Similarly, the admitted candidates will not be allowed to withdraw their admissions.
To be considered in a Spot Admission round, the candidate will have to opt for 'Spot Admission' through his/her dashboard.



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