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CIRCUITRIX - Participate and get points for admission in IIIT Delhi in 2017

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About the event


Do you have a penchant for circuits and electronics? Here’s your chance to showcase your electrifying skills and grab not only cool prizes and brownies but a chance to get into the glorious IIIT-Delhi.

So pick up your multi-meters, check all your connections because we Electroholics club and ESYA present to you Circuitrix Jr, an event which will test both your theoretical and practical skills in the field of electronics. Showcase your talents and win prizes as well as bonus marks for taking admission in IIIT-D. Circuitrix Jr awaits you in IIITD’s annual tech-fest ESYA’16- Exploring Infinity and Beyond.


Event Structure


Round 1 : Elimination round
Online Quiz

Since this year the winners of Circuitrix Jr. are being awarded with bonus marks for taking admission in IIITD, an additional round is added which would act as a screening test. An online quiz would be held a week prior to ESYA, which would test the theoretical and general knowledge of the participants in the field of science.


Round 2 
To be held on the first day of ESYA

Round 2 would take place on the very first day of ESYA. It would be a pen paper exam. Questions will only be theory based.


Round 3 
To be held on the second day of ESYA

This round would test problem solving skills as well as the practical knowledge of participants. Participants would be asked to solve problems (theme of the problems would be related to IoT) and implement the solution either on a breadboard using chips or using a microcontroller and various other components with it. This would test both the hardware as well as software skills of students. Sufficient handouts would be provided to students regarding the basic model and working of chips and microcontrollers.


Team Size : Upto 2




  1. Only students from classes 11th and 12th are eligible for this event.
  2. Students studying from open schools can also apply.
  3. Inter-school teams are allowed.
  4. No student can be a part of more than 1 team.
  5. There are no limitations in the number of teams applying from a particular school.
  6. There would be 3 rounds in total.
  7. Decision of the Judges and the Organizing Committee will be final and binding.


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