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Ashoka Univ Round 2 Admission Test Date Clashes with UCEED-2022

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The 2022 UG admissions to Ashoka University, a private university with a focus on liberal arts and sciences, is ongoing and the Round 2 of its 2022 admissions process closes in January.  Admissions are carried out in 4 Rounds/cycles.

The deadline to apply under the Second round of admissions is 17th January 2022.
And the Assessment Test for Ashoka University is scheduled to be held on 23rd January 2022.  

Clashing date: Incidentally, the UCEED-2022 Exam date also falls on 23rd January 2022.  Hence, students keen on appearing for the UCEED-2022 exam are better off skipping Round-2 of Ashoka and applying for the Round-3 schedule that has its assessment scheduled for 17 April 2022.

Ashoka University offers a 3+1 optional Year Bachelors's degree that allows the student a choice to pursue his program from amongst 12 Majors, 9 Inter-disciplinary Majors, and 7 Minors.  Students also would need to do a mandatory Foundation course that introduces them to Critical Thinking, Great Books, Literature and the World, Indian Civilizations, Environmental Studies, Mind and Behaviour, Economy, Politics and Society, Mathematical Thinking, and Principles of Science.

The University offers need-based financial aid ranging from 25% up to 100%.  A candidate’s ability to pay is assessed based on various financial resources available to their immediate family, including current income, savings, investments, and education loans , to finance the expected educational cost.

For details on the program offered, click HERE.

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