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Admission Timelines changed for Srishti Manipal Design Entrance Exam SEAT

Published on : 03-May-2020 Powered by

Srishti Manipal Institute of Art, Design & Technology Bengaluru has made some changes to its Round 2 & 3 SEAT Admission schedules.  The revised schedules are as below:

Round 2:
Last Date to Apply: 12 May
Test 1: 14 & 15th May
Test 2: 17th May

Round 3:
Last Date to Apply: 16 June
Test 1: 18 & 19th June
Test 2: 21st June

UG courses offered:
Design:  SEAT-B.Design
Fine Arts: SEAT-BFA

Each round will have Test 1 & Test 2.
Test 1 comprises of Analytical Reasoning, Exploration and Persistence, Imagination and Visualisation, Language and Expression, Observation and Curiosity

Test 2 comprsises of Contextual Awareness, Critical Thinking, Imagination and Visualisation, Language and Expression, Viewpoint and Perspective

Key changes in the SEAT Round 2 & 3:
>> All SEAT 2020 tests for undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral applicants will hence forth be referred to as eSEAT 2020 and will be home-based.
>> Applicants will receive test papers electronically at the email address provided in the application form. A change of email address is not permitted.
>> All applicants and their parents/guardians will be required to sign and submit an undertaking of ethical conduct.
>> All applicants must ensure that they have the following amenities to take the home-based eSEAT 2020 tests.
        a. A private work space to take the tests.
        b. An internet connection with sufficient bandwidth to upload art works. Access to mobile phones with internet connectivity, or the use of a hotspot with a mobile phone will not be adequate to make test submissions.

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