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3 More IIMs to offer IPM this year

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The 5-Year Integrated Program in Management (IPM) was pioneered by IIM Indore 10 years ago in 2011.  The program was a new and attractive approach for students completing their higher secondary education and intending to pursue a management program from an IIM.  After 3 years of intensive study of foundational disciplines, the IPM students train as managers along with the students of the Institute’s 2-year Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGP), undertaking the same course package in management studies in years 4 and 5.

The idea was three-fold - One, to attract and nurture management talent at an early stage.  Two, to create a niche in management education pedagogy through a bold experiment.  And three, to enhance the institute's ability to create avenues and funds for launching innovative programs.  The success of IIM-Indore in its IPM has been resounding with a large number of students vying to apply each year to its 150 odd seats.  

In 2019, IIM Rohtak also started an IPM program with its own Entrance Exam.  Unlike IIM Indore, the institute had an exit option at the end of the third year whereby students are awarded a BBA degree.

Perhaps looking at the success of these two IIMs with the IPM program, three more IIMs have decided to start the IPM Programs in 2021.  These are IIM Ranchi, IIM Jammu, and IIM Bodh Gaya.  With this, the total number of IIMs offering this program goes up to 5.

Provided below is a quick snapshot of the comparison of the 5 IPM programs offered by these institutes:

IPM Programs by IIMs (as of Feb'2021)
#     IIM

Started in


Exit Option
after 3-years?

Fee for

Mode of

Date of Entrance Exam
1 IIM-Indore 2011 150 No Rs. 26.50L  Entrance Exam + WAT + PI 14-June
2 IIM-Rohtak 2019 157 Yes (BBA) Rs. 30.51L Entrance Exam + PI + Past Academics 12-June
3 IIM-Ranchi 2021 120 Yes (BBA) Rs. 29.00L SAT + WAT + PI 13-Mar & 08-May (SAT dates)
4 IIM-Bodh Gaya 2021 60 Yes (BBA) Rs. 24.00L Entrance Exam + PI TBA
5 IIM-Jammu 2021 60 Yes (BBA) TBA Entrance Exam + Past Academics TBA












Note: The Fee structure of IIM-Jammu is yet to be announced (TBA).  The fee structure of Years 4 & 5 of institutes is usually the same fee like that for the regular MBA program offered by the institute.

Click on each IIM in the table above for details regarding the Admission/Entrance Exams.

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