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SAT Preparation Tips

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SAT is one of the most common tests accepted by universities and colleges all across the world.  In our recent blog, we shared key information regarding the Scholastic Assessment Test.  We now have a few tips for students who would like to get started on their SAT preparations.

SAT Preparations and Techniques For Aspirants

  • Students should start their preparation for the SAT months in advance.
  • Understanding the SAT's complex language and question format is essential.
  • Completing the SAT more than once will improve your chances of scoring better.
  • Making a study plan before the test is significant. 
  • Set a target score that aligns with the colleges you want to apply to.
  • To practice throughout, the quality study material is required.
  • Increase Your Reading Speed
  • Because of time constraints, many students make errors on the SAT. A timed practice test will help you adjust to the exam's speed and intensity.

The SAT test includes 4 sections

  1. Reading Test: i) Concentrate on reading carefully relevant difficult passages.  ii)Give greater significance to word meanings and phrases.
  2. Writing & Language Test: i) Develop writing skills ii) Learn how to edit text and organize and passages.
  3. Math: i) Practice more on Algebra and functions, Geometry Statistics, and Probability and Data analysis
  4. Essay (Optional)

The exam is structured as follows:





Score Range



52 multiple-choice questions

65 minutes




Writing and Language

44 questions

35 minutes

Math (no calculator)-

20 questions

25 minutes




Math (calculator)

38 questions

55 minutes

Essay (optional)

1 question

50 minutes

2-8 scale


Resources for Test Preparation

College Board: This website includes several materials to assist aspirants in preparing for the exam. The group also provides free sample questions and SAT practice examinations.

Khan Academy: Offers a variety of free online resources for students in various courses and subjects.

The Princeton Review: This organization offers many free SAT resources on its website. You may take a free SAT practice exam online and get feedback. Link for the website:

Besides these, there are other test preparation centres that offer coaching for SAT.  However, it is recommended that one take advice from people who have used those services prior to choosing one. Also, each institute has its fee structure. The Sat coaching fees vary depending on the services provided. Aspirants can receive monthly, quarterly, partially, or yearly tutoring.



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