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How to Solve the Course vs College Dilemma

Published on : 09-08-2022 Powered by

Most students (and their parents) eventually will face the following decision challenge – that of deciding between the preferred course and a reputed college or institution. 

Some say that the preferred course must be chosen and that the college is not so important while some argue that at the UG level the reputation of the college is key and not so much the course. So, how must one approach this issue?

Look around, and you will find that most people go about addressing this issue by seeking the views of friends and family or by Googling into forums and websites.

However, these traditional ways of decision-making are not efficient as these are prone to risks such as confirmation biases and sticking to comfort zones of the person offering the advice. Some decisions are also made under the influence of glitzy marketing by private colleges and institutes.

So, is there a methodical way to address this ‘course vs. college’ decision dilemma?

Yes, there is.  By using the OPASIS RInG Matrix.

The OPASIS RInG Matrix stands for Reputation, Interest, and Geography.  The RInG Matrix uses a 2x2 grid into which candidates enter their course choices or options.  The placement of the choices is based on rules that are rational and well-reasoned.  Once all the choices are placed in the 2x2 grid, the solution emerges automatically.

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About the Author : Shruti is a content writer at OPASIS

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