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CUET: University-Course-Eligibility Matrix

Published on : 09-08-2022 Powered by

Looking to understand Which CUET test to take for the course of your choice?

Are you trying to find out Which University is offering the course that you are looking for?

Or do you want to know about the Eligibility for getting into the programs offered via CUET?

At OPASIS, we have compiled a reference sheet that brings all this information in a single place so that you don't have to spend an enormous amount of time looking through multiple University websites.

The information of the University-Course-Eligibility Matrix is segregated into 5 regions for ease of use.  Feel free to download to use or share in your circles.

Click below to download

East-Zone Course-University Matrix
West-&-Central-Zone Course-University Matrix
South-Zone Course-University Matrix
North Zone Course-University Matrix
North-East Course-University Matrix

Have queries about CUET?  Check out our Blog 'CUET - Frequently Asked Questions' that will help answer many of the common questions.

Good luck!

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