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14 Entrance Exams Leaked in 2016

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At Opasis, we were intrigued by the number of instances of exam leaks reported at regular intervals. Our team, therefore, decided to investigate the entrance exam leaks that were reported this calendar year. ;

Question Papers leaked in calendar year 2016 (Jan-Aug 2016):

Undergraduate level ;
1. TS-EAMCET (July 2016)
2. NEET (Under probe) (July 2016)
3. SAT (July 2016) (Under probe in the US)
4. Karnataka State Pre-University (PU Board) (Class XII Chemistry paper) (Mar 2016)
5. ACT (June 2016) (Under probe in Korea & Hong Kong)
6. Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education (MSBSHSE) ;(Class XII Accountancy paper) (Mar 2016)

PG & other levels
1. Combined Research Entrance Test (CRET) - Allahabad Univ (June 2016)
2. PGAT - Allahabad Uni (June 2016)
2. MP Public Svc Commission (MPPSC) (July 2016)
3. SDO Entrance Test - Panjab Univ (Apr 2016)
4. Delhi Staff Selection Commission (Mar 2016)
5. Maharashtra Teachers Entrance Test (TET) (Mar 2016)
6. Railway Recruitment Board - Non-Technocal Popular Category (RRB) (Apr 2016)
7. Rajasthan Jail Warder Exam (Jan 2016)
8. UP Basic Training Certificate (BTC) exam (Apr 2016)

All right, by now we were a little tired of listing any more leaks. ;
As seen in the case of SAT and ACT leaks in US and Korea respectively this year, it appears that no technology or country is able to stop determined fraudsters in robbing millions of hard-working aspirants their chance to succeed. ;

India, home to millions of aspirations, is likely to see more such disruptions in times to come.; The point we are asking you is;- Are the exam leaks an unavoidable evil today?; And how do we gear up for such events? Importantly, can we minimize the impact of these on us? Do you have the answers?

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