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Welcome to the 2019 Admission season

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Welcome to the 2019 Admission season. 

Each year around this time, as the previous admission cycle comes to an end, some of the data pertaining to  Entrance Exams on OPASIS platform is reset. This is done so that they are ready for updates for the upcoming season. 

What fields are reset

Exam Announcement Status: These have been reset to 'Not Announced'.  As and when any entrance exam is announced for the 2019 season, the status of that exam would be updated to 'Announced'. All subscribers (paid or unpaid) would be able to view this change.

Key dates:   All key dates pertaining to 2018 admission session of an entrance exam are reset.  These dates would be updated for 2019 admission season as and when they are announced.  E.g.: The JEE(Main), NEET and AIIMS dates for 2019 have been updated and the status changed to 'Announced'. If you are a paid subscriber, you would be able to access these details. You would also start receiving the sms & email alerts for the same in time.

Clashing exams : As exams keep getting announced, the system wil intelligently keep updating this info to show which exams are having a date clash / overlap. 

AYUSH entrance exams

In addition, all the AYUSH  Entrance Exams have been removed from the 'Medical' stream since all admissions via these entrance exams have been subsumed by NEET from 2018.

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