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Watch Chandrayaan 2 landing on moon and meet the PM in ISRO

Published on : 09-Aug-2019 Powered by

To increase awareness about the space programme, an online quiz competition will be conducted by Indian Space Research Organisation - ISRO, in coordination with from 10th August to 20th August, 2019 in which students of Class 8 to 10 can participate. Two (2) top scoring Students (from class 8 - 10 only) from each State and Union Territory will be invited to ISRO, Bengaluru Centre to watch the landing of Chandrayaan-2 on the Moon, live along with the Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

General information

This is a timed quiz with 20 questions to be answered in 600 seconds

These questions will be randomly picked from the question bank.

Winners will be adjudged on the basis of maximum number of correct answers.

In case of multiple participants having given same number of correct answers, the participants who take the least time to complete the quiz will be adjudged the winner.

You can skip a tough question and come back to it later.

The quiz will start as soon as you click the Start Quiz button.

Terms and conditions

Each participant needs to create individual account on MyGov to appear for the Quiz. An individual is permitted to participate only once in the quiz.

Duration of the quiz will be 10 minutes (600 Seconds) during which a maximum of 20 questions can be answered.

Quiz once started cannot be paused / stopped.

Participants are advised to take the Quiz well before the Quiz end date to avoid any last minute technical glitches.

Only Indian Citizen can participate in the quiz. Each participant will receive certificate of participation which can be downloaded from ‘Downloads Section’of MyGov Quiz platform. The downloads section will be visible only after logging in to the website.

The criteria for selecting successful winners will be “Maximum Correct Answers in the Shortest Time”. In case of tie, random selection will be done.

After the closure of the quiz, and prior to the announcement of results, top-scoring students shall be required to provide their Parent’s/ Guardian’s Name, Government issued proof of identity containing address and an affidavit from the school confirming that they are students of the school. The format of the affidavit will be shared with the shortlisted participants only.

Parents / Guardian may help only in the translation of questions if needed but should not assist in answering the questions. Integrity & Honesty is expected from all participants.

Discovery/detection/noticing of use of any unfair/spurious means/ malpractices including but not limited to impersonation, double participation etc. during the participation in the quiz will result in the participation being declared null and void and hence, rejected. The organizers of the quiz competition or any agency acting on their behalf reserves the right in this regard.

ISRO reserves the rights to cancel or amend all or any part of the Quiz and/or the Terms and Conditions. However, any changes to the Terms and Conditions or cancellation of the Quiz, will be updated/ posted on the platform.

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