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Thapar School of Liberal Arts & Sciences 2021 Admissions

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Thapar School of Liberal Arts & Sciences (TSLAS) is a constituent school of Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology (Deemed to be University). Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology (TIET) is ranked 29th in India as per the recent NIRF ranking by the MHRD.

 TSLAS has started accepting applications for 2021 admissions.
Course offered:  3-Year BA/BBA/BSc (Hon) programs in Liberal Arts & Sciences.

Total intake: 60 seats.
Students will choose their major at the end of the first year (second semester) of their study. The maximum number of students allowed in a major is 20 and the minimum number needed for us to offer a major is 5. The available majors and minors are given below


Thapas School of Liberal Arts & Studies










Majors offered:
1. Anthropology (B.Sc.Hon)
2.Biochemistry (B.Sc.Hon)
3.Biotechnology (B.Sc.Hon)
4.Business Analytics (BBAHon)
5.Chemistry (B.Sc.Hon)
6.Cognitive Science (B.Sc.Hon)
7.Computer Science (B.Sc.Hon)
8.Data Science (B.Sc.Hon)
9.Economics (BAHon)
10.Engineering Science (B.Sc.Hon)
11.Environmental Science (B.Sc.Hon)
12.Finance (BBAHon)
13.International Management (BBA)
14. Management and Organizational Consulting (BBAHon)
15.Marketing and Operations Management (BBAHon)
16.Materials and Nano Sciences (B.Sc.Hon)
17.Mathematics (B.Sc.Hon)
18.Organizational Leadership (BBAHon)
19.Psychology (BAHon)
20.Philosophy (B.A.Hon)
21.Physics (B.Sc.Hon)
22.Statistics (B.Sc.Hon)
23.Sociology (B.A.Hon)
24.Sustainability and Sustainable Development (B.Sc Hons)

The student also will undergo foundation courses - Creative Writing, Reading the World throughLiterature, Uses of Philosophical Thinking, Perspectives on the Past: Introduction to History, Framing Society: Introduction to Social Sciences, Art and Experience, Philosophy of Science and Scientific Method, Chemistry and Physics through Biomimicry, Biology Beliefs and HumanBehaviour, Thermodynamics and Sustainable Development, Seeing the World through Codes, Art and Science of Mindfulness

Eligibility & Selection Process:

1. High school diploma (10 +2) with minimum 60% marks in total-40% weightage
2. Written essay demonstrating English language and critical & creative writing skills -20% weightage. In this regard, if available, SAT scores will be given due consideration.
3. Group discussion -15% weightage
4. Personal interview - 25% weightage

- 25%  of the seats i.e.  15 shall be reserved for  SC/ST, 3%  of the seats i.e.  2 shall be reserved for differently-abled students, and the rest of the seats i.e. 43 will be available for General Category.
- Over and above,15% of seats i.e. 9 are reserved for FN/NRI candidates.
- 1% of the seats i.e. 1 shall be reserved for the children of TIET employees

Candidates with Humanities, Commerce subjects at 10+2 level can seek admission in BA/BBA programs  only,  excepting  those  having  Mathematics  as  one of  the  subjects  in  10+2,  or  those  with aptitude  and  willingness  to  clearing  pre-requisite  courses  required  by  the specialization may  be considered for BSc programs like BSc (Mathematics/Statistics), etc

In addition to 'English' at 10+1, 10+2 level, the mandatory subjects required in Class 11/12 for the majors are:

Thapar Univ Liberal Arts Courses


Annual tuition & one-time fee: Rs. 400,000/-
Hostel fee: Ranges between Rs. 45,000/- to Rs. 50,000/- per semester

Up to 20% of the students who are offered admission will be considered for the merit cum means scholarship.
Criteria: For the first year: Aggregate Marks >90% in the subjects considered under eligibility AND Must be among the top 20% of the candidates admitted in the program.
AND the Affordability and financial situation of the family will be assessed by the scholarship committee of the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences of TIET.

Application Process:
1. Visit and fill in the details in the Admissions 2021 form.
2. Pay the application fee of Rs, 1500/- online

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