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Studying Ayurveda : CCIM gives a boost

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Giving a shot in the arm to Ayurveda stream of medical studies, the Central Council of Indian Medicine (A statutory Body under Ministry of AYUSH), has Gazetted (vide Gazette notification dated 19 Nov 2020) widening the scope of procedures which Ayurveda Doctors shall now be trained on and permitted to perform independently. The extract of the notification is produced below :


During the period of study, the PG scholar of Shalya and Shalakya shall be practically trained to acquaint with as well as to independently perform the following activities so that after completion of his PG degree, he is able to perform the following procedures independently :




1. Lekhana / Chhedana of DushtaNijaVrana (Debridement/fasciotomy / Currettage)

2. Bhedana of Vidradhi Incision and Drainage of abscess Gudvidradhi, Stan vidradhi, (Perianal abscess, breast abscess, Axillary abscess, cellulitis, etc.).

3. Sandhan Karma all types of skin Grafting (SSG, EEG, Cross Flaps) KarnaPaliSandhan (ear lobe repair), etc.

4. Chhedan Karma of Granthi, Arbuda, Excision of simple cyst (Sebaceous cyst, Dermoid cyst, mucosal cyst, retension cyst) etc. / benign tumours (lipoma, fibroma, schwanomaetc) of Non vital Organs.

5. Chhedan Karma of Sira-SnayuKotha. (Excision / amputation of gangrene).

6. Sadyo-vrana management (traumatic wound management):-  CCIM allows 50+ procedures in Ayurveda

(a) Sivan karma (all types of suturing, Haemostatic ligatures);

(b) Sandhan Karma of sira-kandara-snayu (Ligation and repair of tendon and muscles).

7. PranashtaShalyaNirharan (Removal of metallic and non-metalic foreign bodies from non vital organs).

8. BhagnaChikitsa:-Aanchhan- Pidan – Sankshep – KushaBandhan (close reduction, immobilization, splints/cast).

9. Sandhimoksha (reduction of dislocation and subluxation).

10. Udarrognidanchikitsa, / dakodarVisravan (Laprotomy/ paracentesis).

11. Arsha – Ksharkarma, Chhedan (various methods of haemorrhoidectomy), rubber band Ligation, Sclerotherapy, IRC, Radio frequency / Laser ablation, etc.

12. ParikartikaSanniruddhaGuda (Fissure in ano – Anal Dilatation, SphincterotomyAnoplasty).

13. BhagandarChhedan, Ksharsutra (Fistulectomy, Fistulotomy).

14. NadivranaChhedan, Ksharsutra (Excision of pilonidal sinus).

15. Guda-bhransha- Sandhan Karma (various Rectopexies).

16. Ashmari- Nirharan (suprapubiccystostomy/cystolithotomy).

17. Mutragraha/ Mutrakrichha- MutramargVivardhan (Urethral Dilatation, meatomy).

18. NiruddhaPrakash (Phimosis), Parivartika (Paraphimosis) Circumcision.

19. VriddhiRogaChikitsa, Sandhan Karma. (Congenital/ Inguinal/ Umbilical / Epigastric/ Femoral/ Incisional  Hernia :-Herniotomy, Herniorraphy, Hernioplasty).

20. Mutravriddhi-Vedhan (Hydrocele Eversion of Sac).

21. Intercostal Drain for thorasic trauma.

22. Ligation of Haemangioma, Vascular ligation, Ligation of varicocele, varicose veins/ stripping surgery.

23. Stan Granthi / ArbudaChhedan. Excision of benign lesions, cyst/ tumour of breast, Lump biopsy.

24. AshukariUdarshoolshastra karma-Udarpatan (Exploratory laparotomy).

25. Foreign body removal from stomach. Pyloromyotomy.

26. Use of Advanced Nadiyantra for strotodarshanarth-kriyasaukarya. (Video proctoscopy, Sigmoidoscopy)

27. Ileostomy, colostomy, Resection anastomosis in emergency.

28. Sigmoidoscopic biopsies, polypectomy.

29. UnddukpuchhaShoth (Appendisectomy).

30. Vedhan-Visravan of AbhyantarVidradhi (appendicular abscess etc.).

31. PittashmariNirharan-chhedan (Cholecystectomy).

32. Laryngeal Mask Airway, Intubation, Bag/Mask Ventillation.

33. SuprapubicCystostomy.

34. SuprapubicCystolithotomy.

35. Excision of Calcified Plaque Peyronie’s Disease.

36. Orchidopexy.

37. Orchidectomy.

38. Varicocele High Ligation.

39. Spermatocele, Chylocele, Pyocele, Hematocele Drainage.






Netra  - (Eye)

1. Vartmagataroga (Diseases of Eyelids):-

(a) VatahatvartmaShastrkarma (surgery for ptosis i.e. sling surgery);

(b) Vartmavikruti- Shastrkarma (Ectropion&Entropion – correction surgery);

(c) Lagan – Bhedan&LekhanShastrkarma (Chalazion – Incision and drainage/ curettage);

(d) AghatakVartmaArbud – Chhedan Karma (Benign Lid tumour – Excision Surgery).

2. ShuklagatRog:-

Arma – ChhedanShastrakarma (pterygium- excision & conjunctivallimbal autograph/amniotic membrane graft).

3. KrushnagatRog:-

Ajakajat – Chhedan Karma (Iris Prolapse-excision surgery).

4. SarvagatRog:-

Adhimanth – BhedanShastrakarma (Glaucoma-trabeculectomy).

5. Nayanabhighat (Trauma to eye):- Bhroo, Vartma, Shuklamanadal, Krushnamandalabhighat - SandhanShastrakarma. (Injury to the eye brow, lid, conjunctiva, sclera and cornea- trauma repair surgery).

6. Tiryaknetra:- PrakrutnetrasthapanShastrkarma (Squint surgery- Esotropia, Exotropia, Horizontal muscle resection and recession).

7. Puyalas: – Bhedan/ Chhedanshastrkarma (Dacrocystitis- DCT/ DacrocystoRhinostomy [DCR]).

8. Linganash (Kaphaj) Shastrakarma- cataract surgery- cataract extraction with IOL implantation surgery:-

(a) Intracapsular cataract extraction (ICCE);

(b) Extra capsular cataract extraction (ECCE);

(c) Small incision cataract surgery (SICS);

(d) Phacoemulsification

Types of IOL:-



(III) Iris Fixated IOL.

9. Sthaniksangyharan (Local Anesthesia) in eye. (ophthalmology):-

(a) Peribulbar;

a) Retrobulbar;

b) Parabulbar;

c) Intra Cameral.

Nasa (Nose)

1. Nasajavanikavakrata – shastrakarma (deviated nasal septum surgery- septoplasty / SMR).

2. Nasarsh – ChhedanShastrakarma (Nasal polyp polyoectomy).

Knowledge of FESS surgery – Functional endoscopic sinus surgery.

3. Aghatajnasavikruti – nasasandhan (deformed nose – rhinoplasty).

Karna (Ear)

- Karnapalisandhanshastrakarma (torn ear lobule- lobuloplasty).

- Ashukarimadhyakarnashoth – Bhedanshastrakarma (acute supurative otitis media/ glue ear/secretory or serous otitis media- Myringotomy).

- Knowledge of JirnaMadhyakarnaShothshastrakarma (Chronic Supurative Otitis Media- safe:- tympanoplasty unsafe: - mastoidectomy).


1. Galrog (throat diseases):-


(a) Ashukarigilayuvruddhi – BhedanShastra karma (peritonsillar abscess – quincy) – incision and drainage;

(b) Jirnagilayushoth – GilayuNirharanShastrakarma (Chronic Tonsillitis – Tonsillectomy).

2. Oshthagat – Oshthabhed – Sandhan Karma (hair lip repair).


1. Chaldanta – DantaNirharan (Loose Tooth Extraction).

2. Krumidanta – Lekhan&Puranshastrakarma (Carries Tooth/Teeth- Root Canal Treatment).


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