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PREMIUM : IIT Madras, Non-Science students also eligible, BSc Programming and Data Science

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IIT Madras, a premier institute, has started a new Online Degree program aimed at producing graduates who will be employable in a sector that presently has high demand - Programming and Data Science.


1. The candidate must have studied Mathematics and English in class 10.

2. Should have cleared class 12 or equivalent*.

3. They should be currently enrolled in a Bachelor’s Degree Program OR should have graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree (BA, BSc, BE, BTech, BCom, etc.) OR they may have dropped out from a Bachelor’s degree.

Anyone wishing to apply via Regular Entry must satisfy each of the 3 criteria above.

*As an exception this year, IIT is accepting applications from students who will complete their class 12 or equivalent in 2020. They will be allowed to take part in the Qualifier Process and Qualifier Exam, but will be allowed to join Foundational Level only upon joining a Bachelor’s Degree Program at a college.

Program structure / progression : There are THREE LEVELS in the Online Degree program and to get a BSc Degree in Programming and Data Science from IIT Madras, a learner has to successfully complete all three levels.

Level 1 : Foundation Level

Level 2 : Diploma Level

Level 3 : Degree Level

Regular Entry Path : Anyone joining the program via Regular Entry will join at the Foundational Level.

The Foundational Level courses allow for interested applicants with a variety of educational backgrounds to learn the basics (Math, Statistics, Computational Thinking, Python programming and English) which help them take up the Diploma Level and then the Degree Level courses.

Note : There is also a Diploma Only Entry which is primarily aimed at working professionals or learners who already possess the fundamentals taught in Foundational Level courses and wish to exit with one or two Diplomas (Diploma in Programming AND/OR Diploma in Data Science) from IIT Madras. Learners entering via Diploma Only Entry can only do Diploma Level courses and cannot proceed to the Degree Level courses.

Exit options : There are three exit options for those who enter the program via Regular Entry :

Exit 1. Foundational Level certificate from Centre for Continuing Education, IIT Madras.

Exit 2. Diploma in Programming AND/OR Diploma in Data Science from IIT Madras

Exit 3. BSc Degree in Programming and Data Science from IIT Madras

Application Process : When applications open, anyone who is eligible may apply by filling in the application form, uploading required documents and paying the application fee.

Further details regarding application form and required documents will be made available soon.

Regular Entry application fee is Rs.3,000. Lesser fee for applicants belonging to Scheduled Caste (SC) or Scheduled Tribe (ST) category or Persons with Disabilities (PwD >= 40% benchmark disability).

Selection Process

(a) Qualifier process

All applicants will have to go through a Qualifier Process, like a trial month, wherein they will get access to 4 weeks of content for the four foundational level courses - English I, Mathematics for Data Science I, Statistics for Data Science I and Computational Thinking.

Video content of 2 - 3 hours duration will be released for each course on a weekly basis.

Along with the content, the first three weeks will also include an assignment for each course that need to be completed and submitted online within the given deadline.

Average assignment score in each course will be calculated. Only those who get minimum required average assignment scores in all four courses will be allowed to write the Qualifier Exam.

(b) Qualifier exam

Only learners who get minimum required average assignment scores in all four courses will be eligible for the in-person invigilated Qualifier Exam conducted at the end of 4 weeks of coursework. Only these candidates will receive hall tickets.

The Qualifier Exam is of 3 hours duration and covers all 4 subjects with 45 minutes allotted per course.

To pass the Qualifier Exam, the learner has to get a minimum Total Qualifier Exam Score and a minimum Qualifier Exam Score in each course individually (details provided in the brochure).

Only those who pass the Qualifier Exam will be eligible to register for Foundational Level courses.

Key dates

Start of application process (Regular Entry) : To be announced

Last date of application (Regular Entry) : 15 Sep 2020*

Start of weekly release of Term I Qualifier courses : 5 Oct 2020

Issue of Qualifier Exam Hall Ticket (to those who get required min marks in assignment) : 2 Nov 2020

In-person Qualifier exam (tentative) : 20 / 21 / 22 Nov 2020

Qualifier exam result : 7 Dec 2020

Registration for Term I (only those qo clear Qualifier exam) : 11 Dec 2020 to 3 Jan 2021

Start of Foundation Level Batch 1 : 4 Jan 2021

* IIT is limiting the maximum number of applications to 2,50,000. Hence, it will close receipt of applications on 15 September 2020 or once it receives 2,50,000 applications, whichever occurs first.



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