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NEET ping-pong for Tamil Nadu ends - SC asks TN to follow NEET

Published on : 22-Aug-2017 Powered by

According to an ANI report, the Supreme Court on Tuesday instructed the Tamil Nadu government to conduct MBBS & BDS admissions strictly on the basis of NEET-2017.  As you may recall, Tamil Nadu government last week had passed an ordinance exempting students from NEET for admissions in Government medical colleges and for Government quota seats in Private medical colleges of the state.  However, the Central government, specifically the Health ministry, yesterday informed the court that it is not in favour of the ordinance passed by the Tamil Nadu government.  The Central government was of the view that if the ordinance was granted, then other states would also start claiming exemptions from NEET.  Also, the argument was that since other states have already alloted seats through NEET scores, making an exemption for Tamil Nadu would not be appropriate.

Consequently, the Supreme Comurt has instructed the Tamil Nadu government to start counseling for MBBS & BDS admissions in the state on the basis of NEET.  The court also asked the state govenment to complete the admissions process by 4th September.

This judgdement finally brings an end to the long to-and fro between the state government, Central government and the supreme Court regarding NEET for admissions in the state of Tamil Nadu.

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