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MBBS Admissions - Unaffordable for many

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According to a recent analysis done by Times of India, medical education is slipping out of reach of most Indians.  Below are some key takeaways of the TOI report with regard the very high capitation fees charged by many private medical colleges.  

Average Annual Fee in Medical Colleges:
Government Colleges: Rs.16,700/-  to  Rs.20,000/-

Private Medical Colleges
Merit students:  Rs.77,500/- p.a.
Management quota: Rs. 8 lacs- 25 lacs p.a. i.e. Rs 60 lacs - 1.25 crore for the full course.

As per the report, the capitation fee business (management quota) is worth Rs.12,000 crore annually.  The main reason cited for such sky high capitation fee charged under management quota is the huge supply-demand mismatch.  There are only 54,000 undergraduatre seats for lacks of medical aspirants.

Leading medical professionals in the country are of the view that unless the supply side is increased, i.e. more medical seats are added, this problem is likely to only get worse for aspiring medical students. 

Source: Times of India, Oct 3.

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