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LSAT-India 2019 Applications Start. Clashes with JEE-Adv

Published on : 21-Oct-2018 Powered by

The LSAT-India is a standardized test of reading and verbal reasoning skills designed by the US based Law School Admission Council (LSAC) for use by law schools in India for their various law programs - BA L.L.B, L.L.B. and L.L.M. 

The LSAT-India will be administered in multiple cities in a pen and pencil mode on the 19th of May, 2019, the date of JEE-Advanced exam.  PCM students who plan to keep the law option open might have to make a choice of pursuing the JEE-Advanced or LSAT. 

The LSAT-India is a paper-and-pencil test with four sections. The sections on the LSAT-India may appear in any order, but the test always contains two sections of logical reasoning questions; one section of analytical reasoning questions; and one section of reading comprehension questions. The amount of time allotted for each section is 35 minutes. All questions are in a multiple-choice format, some with four answer choices and others with five. Answers are collected on a scannable answer sheet.

Registration for the LSAT-India is online and can be done by submitting the form on the LSAT-India website. Payment for the registration by test takers in India can be done online only (via credit card only) before 6thMay, 2019.  

For details check LSAT-India

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