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CMI 2019 Applications Started

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Applications for the Chennai Mathematical Institute (CMI) have begun.  Chennai Mathematical Institute (CMI), a Deemed University, is accepting applications for admissions to its 3-Year B.Sc.(Hons) programs in a) Mathematics and Computer Science and b) Mathematics and Physics.

CMI is recognized both within the country and abroad as one of the important centres in India for research and teaching in mathematical sciences. CMI is set up under a Trust and is managed by a Governing Council made up of eminent academic personalities.

The programs are aimed at students who are passionate about Mathematics, Computing,  or Physics and who would like to get into research in India and abroad. The main areas of research in mathematics pursued at the Institute are algebra, analysis, differential equations, geometry, probability, statistics, topology, number theory and differential geometry. In Computer Science, the main areas of research are formal methods in the specification and versification of software systems, design and analysis of algorithms, computational complexity theory, computational geometry and computer security. In Physics, research is being carried out mainly in gravitation, quantum field theory, string theory and mathematical physics.

A substantial number of scholarships will be available, consisting of a full waiver of the tuition fees.  After CMI most students get admits into pretigious Universities like Princeton, Columbia, Carnegie Mellon, Indian Statistical Institute, Univ of Pennsylvania, Univ of Waterloo, IITs etc.

The admissions are via an entrance exam.  The Last date to apply is 12th April.  
For details, visit CMI-Entrance-Exam.

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