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CAUTION : Singhania University Running MBBS Course Fraudulently

Published on : 26-Nov-2019 Powered by

The Board of Governors, in Super-session of Medical Council of India, has issued a Public Notice on 30 Oct 2019 cautioning the public that MBBS course being run by Singhania University is illegal, void and unrecognized, amounting to quackery.

Part of the caution notice reads “…any admissions that are made by the Singhania University, Pacheri Bair, Distt. Jhunjunu, Rajasthan, in the courses of Medicine (MBBS) is illegal and void ab-initio. Furthermore, the pass-out from the said courses would be holding unrecognized degrees and can not obtain registration with the State Medical Council to practice Medicine. Such persons would be liable by the concerned State Governments for prosecution for quackery. Thus, Singhania University is playing fraud  upon all concerned by indulging in running of unrecognized courses in modern medicine.

By way of this notice, all concerned are informed not to be misled by the claims of Singhania University, Pacheri Bair, Distt. Jhunjunu, Rajasthan.”


Singhania University had claimed that as per Punjab and Haryana High Court judgment (following Supreme Court judgment) in Neelam Devi case, State Medical Council / any other concerned Council shall have to recognize the degree / diploma / certificate awarded by University and shall have to enroll the degree holder to enable him /her do practice. This claim, as per the caution notice, is in violation of the provisions of the Indian Medical Council Act, 1956 and the Regulations framed thereunder.  



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