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Board exam marks spiking may be stopped

Published on : 08-Sep-2017 Powered by

The inter-board working group headed by the CBSE’s outgoing chairman RK Chaturvedi has recommended that school boards continue class 12 and 10 board exam marks moderation but do away with marks spiking from 2018 - reported in The Hindustan Times, . The stated purpose behind the moderation is to do away with the ambiguity and difficulty levels in different question paper sets and to have a level playing field in evaluation. Score card may also mention whether a student has been granted grace marks. The inter-board working group has representatives of Gujarat, Jammu and Kashmir, Kerala, Telangana, Chattisgarh, Manipur and ICSE boards. The recommendations are now to be sent to HRD Ministry for acceptance by other states.

It has also been suggested that CBSE develop sample papers. “The sample question papers will help states decide how many questions should be difficult, how many should be easy and what type of questions should be used. Depending on the state’s requirement they will use the sample questions to develop their own. This will bring in greater uniformity in the evaluation system,” said one of the members of the group.

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