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AIIMS introduces 2 stage Prospective Applicants Advanced Registration (PAAR) facility

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All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) is introducing a 2 stage Prospective Applicants Advanced Registration (PAAR) facility for the Postgraduate Medical & Dental Entrance Examinations for the January 2019 session onwards and will be extended shortly to the MBBS Entrance Examination and other examinations subsequently. Under PAAR facility, registration will be a two-stage process :

Stage 1 : Basic Registration and

Stage 2 : Final Registration


a) To minimize application rejections due to improper filling of details other than educational qualifications.

b) Allow sufficient time for students to rectify errors or deficiencies, if any.

c) Register with basic information and keep it valid for 2 years, if a student decides to attempt the entrance exam next year.

d) No fee to be paid for Basic registration.

Difference between Basic and Final Registration : While Basic Registration is enduring, Final Registration is examination session specific.

Basic Registration

a) In the first stage applicants desirous of appearing in any of the Entrance Examinations (eg MD/MS or MDS or MBBS) in future will be able to initially register by filling basic details and uploading images almost a year in advance (Basic Registration).

b) These particulars and images will be screened and there would be adequate time to correct errors and deficiencies. The candidates will be informed whether their registration is accepted, and their details will be stored with an unique identification number Thus, candidates will not be subjected to the pressures of last minute rush and the fear of rejection of applications without any time left to make amends.

c) Since applicants may not have completed their eligibility examinations etc., certain details may not be collected at the time of Basic Registration. At a specified time prior to the entrance examination for a session (e.g. January 2019 session for MD/MS or MDS or MBBS 2019 session) the Basic Registration process will be closed and no further applications for that particular session will be allowed.

d) The Prospectus and list of tentative seats will be uploaded at this time since the correct position will be known only after a session has started and seat allocation processes are closed.

e) The applicants who have completed Basic Registration and this has been accepted can thus decide to either appear for the examination at this session or subsequently. In case any applicant does not wish to appear, he /she need not proceed to the next stage and the Basic Registration details will be stored and will be valid for subsequent sessions. In case the applicant desires to take the examination as announced, he / she can proceed for Final Registration.

f) Rejected Basic Registration applicants are not eligible for proceeding to this stage.

g) All prospective candidates will have the facility of ensuring their basic registration details are completed and accepted in all respects, well in advance. It would also ensure that only those applications that are complete in all respects and accepted at the Basic Registration stage are permitted to make the Final Registration including payment. Basic Registration details need not be filled, and images need not be uploaded repeatedly.

Final Registration

a) In Final Registration applicants can fill remaining details such as like qualification details, choose the available city for examinations and make the necessary payments.

b) These applicants will be eligible to be issued Admit Cards for that examination subject to fulfilment of eligibility criteria as mentioned in the respective prospectus.

c) The registration process will then resume and continue for subsequent sessions (e.g. after Final Registration for MD/MS/MDS January 2019 session the Basic Registration for MD /MS or MDS July 2019 session onwards and MBBS 2020 session will resume).

d) Every time the dates for Final Registration for subsequent Entrance Examinations are made, the Final Registration will have to be completed.

AIIMS entrance exam dates for 2019 and 2020 : AIIMS has already announced the tentative dates for entrance exam for MBBS, Nursing and Paramedical courses for 2019 and 2020. Click HERE to check the same.

Source : AIIMS Notice No. NO: 68/2018 dated 29 Aug 2018 posted at

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