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AICTE Regulations and List of Unapproved Institutions

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As per the national level apex body All India Council for Technical Education, No institution shall offer Technical program or course without approval of the Council. Provided further that any Institution offering technical programme without approval the Council, shall be termed as unapproved if:-

1. It is started without approval by the Council.

2. It is working in temporary location / at location not approved by the Council.

3. It is declared as "Unapproved" by the Council.

However, such Institution may follow AICTE approval procedure by submitting an application / proposal, as mentioned in Clause/s 23, 25 to 30 of the approval process hand book.

In this context, AICTE website has listed such Unapproved Institutes as below :

a) 277 Un-approved Institutes in "Engineering & Technology and Other Areas" (as per list dated 31 March 2018)

b) 116 Un-Approved Institutes conducting programme/courses in Architecture (as per list dated 31 March 2018)

Check the detailed list HERE

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