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45 Percent seats of new course in IIIT Delhi for Non-Science students, Admission on 10+2 marks

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Traditionally, social science has been untouched by technology and technology domain has not been taking into account the human behavioural aspects. However, with the changing times, convergence of the two has been on the rise –  see, for example, the rapid strides in adoption of social media platforms and lifestyle applications. While the creation of platforms needs technology, the user interface design and its acceptance thereof is very much dependent on human behavior – an aspect of social science. It is with this backdrop that in recent times, more and more inter disciplinary courses amalgamating technology and social science aspects (like design, psychology etc) are gaining grounds.

Indraprastha Institute of Technology (IIIT) Delhi is also introducing two new B.Tech programs this year, one of which is typically focused on IT & Social Science convergence while the other is aimed at introducing Design aspect in Computer Science. Provided below a summary on the former one.

Course : 4 Year B.Tech (Information Technology & Social Sciences)

Course design : The course is so designed as to fulfill the requirements of B.Tech (IT) and also those of BA (Social Sciences). This will enable students to pursue higher education in IT or Social Sciences besides opening vistas in many interdisciplinary programs in India as well as abroad.

Eligibility & Admission procedure

(i) For Science students : Approximately 50% seats will be filled through joint admission counselling (JAC) for which only science students must apply.

(ii) For non-Science students : For the remaining seats, only those students who have done Maths but have NOT done physics and chemistry in class XII can apply. For these students, the admission will be based on 10+2 marks. The application procedure for them will be different and will be announced soon, sometime towards end of first week of June.

Number of seats

(i) For Delhi students : 21 seats for Science students, 22 for non-Science students

(ii) For Outside Delhi students : 7 seats (only Science students eligible)

The program structure has been developed in consultation with a few well known universities across the country and several interactions with social science academicians, experts, members from industry, as well as faculty from IT.

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